Take a non-descript bit of road, notable mainly for its curviness, and have a closer look. This is part of the road leading between Strathaven from East Kilbride.

It’s a sad fact that there are vast numbers of small farms in the local area that no longer exist. There are often clues lying around, from fallen masonry and ruins to less defined lumps and bumps, or straight lines of hedges indicating field or road lines.

Even in this very short stretch, three roads lead to lost farms: Rigmuir (top right), Craighouse (bottom middle) and Rig Farm (bottom left).

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The OS map also shows other signs of industry, now long vanished, including a Brick and Tile Works on the road leading to Quarry Farm and limekilns just past Craighouse Farm. There’s a quarry just outwith the frame of the map.

This main road (A726) was part of the turnpike road between Muirkirk and Glasgow. The tollhouse is just around the next corner heading south. The map indicates there’s a milestone, but that’s probably long gone.

And there’s a very peculiar road just at the top left, that appears to lead nowhere. On the ground, it definitely looks like a road, so what on Earth is it.

Any further information or ideas welcome.