Hunter House Museum, originally uploaded by JenthePen

The Hunter Brothers were renowned doctors of the 18th century, born at Long Calderwood Farm in East Kilbride, which is now an interactive museum dedicated to their life and works.

William was famous for his work on obstetrics and anatomy. John was more famous as a surgeon. Both were collectors. William’s collection became the basis of the Hunterian Museum and Gallery at Glasgow University; John’s was bequeathed to the Royal College of Surgeons, England.

Hunter Brothers Memorial, originally uploaded by JenthePen

The Hunters are also remembered in East Kilbride with this memorial (sculpted by B Schotz, RSA, erected 1937, the Hunter Health Centre (constantly under threat of demolition) and the former Hunter Primary and Secondary Schools (the latter now totally demolished).

Of course, now that the economy is being systematically destroyed, the council want to close the whole Museums Service.  It’s not exactly huge, and it’s a typically short sighted suggestion from the council.