The Langcausey was an old road between East Kilbride and Rutherglen. The 1773 Ross map of Lanarkshire clearly shows a road running from Torrance House through East Kilbride, then past Mains Castle over the Cathkin Braes, past Castlemilk House to Rutherglen Main Street.

Unfortunately, Glasgow City Council are building a huge flippin’ landfill right over the top of it (and btw, Guys, can you dump your rubbish in your own back green please?). So it’s a shame that this historic route was ruined for the future – and for me too, cos I only missed being able to walk the whole thing by a year or two. Poor me.

Roman road?

There’s a local tale that it’s actually a Roman road. Naturally this has come about because there are stretches of it that are very straight, and the road was apparently paved, while the majority of local routes were still mud and there’s also known Roman activity nearby, so it’s not an impossible story. The latest excavations suggest that it’s not, although it does seem to have been repaired on a few occasions.

Markethill Road

When the plague raged in Glasgow the people in Kilbride, and in the neighbouring parts of the country would not approach nearer the city with their marketable goods than a hill about half a mile to the north of Kilbride, on the old road to Glasgow, to which the inhabitants of Glasgow consequently resorted, as a temporary market-place, and which has ever since retained the name of the market-hill.

Rev. Henry Moncrieff, New Statistical Account, 1834


I’ve been trying to trace the route of the road right through to Rutherglen, but once it’s crossed the Cathkin Braes, it’s not obvious. There are numerous references to it being there, but it must have been one of those obvious things that required no detailed information, cos everyone knew about it, until of course, fewer and fewer people did.

If anyone in the know reads this, feel free to leave a comment.