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These are the remains of a cairn at Long Calderwood. There’s not a lot of prehistoric remains around East Kilbride. According to the History of Rutherglen and East Kilbride by David Ure,

The practice of raising tumuli over the deceased was very ancient in Kilbride. Public marks of respect, when judiciously bestowed, have been of great use to society. By decorating the tombs of worthy characters, the living may receive instruction from the dead. A considerable number of these tumuli were, till about 30 years ago, remaining in the parish. But they are now almost totally annihilated.

Ure mentions a number of mounds or cairns that previously existed with East Kilbride parish, but I think all of these monuments have been destroyed; they provided a handy source of stone for building.

This particular cairn contained a cist burial, but the stones of the cist are long gone, along with most of the stones of the mound itself.

I’ve walked over this bit of ground loads of times, but never knew the cairn was here until I saw it on Flickr. So thanks to Chris, font of knowledge on all things Calderwood and Calderglen.