A brief history of Airdrie (Lanarkshire communities)

Airdrie (Monklands memories)

Airdrie villages (Monklands memories)


Airdrie Fire Brigade

Scottish Mining Website – New Monkland Parish (including Airdrie, Ballochney, Caldercruix, Clarkston, Greengairs, Glenboig, Longriggend, Roughrigg and wattston)


Airdrie: An t-Àrd Ruigh The origin of Airdrie’s name is not known for certain; however, given the topography of the area, the most likely interpretation is that it derives from the Gaelic An Àrd Ruigh meaning a level height or high pasture land. Another possibility is that it is from the Gaelic An Àrd Àirighe meaning a sheiling, or wayside town. (From Wikipedia)


A short history of the railways of Coatbridge and Airdrie

Monklands and Kirkintilloch Railway – sections now a cycle path

Ballochney Incline

1859 Fatal accident report

Monklands canal


Monkland Well or Virtue Well, used to cure scrofula and skin diseases, stomach and eye troubles, until 19th century. A natural mineral spring, containing iron salts (also known as chalybeate).

According to Monklands Memories, there is also a Virtuewell Burn which runs through Virtuewell Glen. Virtue Well View is a short street in Glenmavis.