Had to make a delivery in Cumbernauld today, so we took the opportunity to travel over the wonderful Tak-Ma-Doon Road towards Stirling, giving ourselves heart failure in the process.

The drive is pretty spectacular, both for the gradient and the scenery, although the views were kind of muggy. We’d definitely come back up on a clear day.

Tak-Ma-Doon Road is such an evocative name, I’ve wondered for ages what it’s history is.Ā  Did it just come into existence gradually over time, or was it made for a specific purpose? I’ve certainly heard passing mention of it being a drove road, although proof has been somewhat lacking.

However, I’ve just noticed that Heritage Paths Scotland website have posted detais of the Doups Drove Road that links to Tak-Ma-Doon Road, and also makes the blindingly obvious point (which I’d missed) that it’s a route to Falkirk for the Tryst.

There was also a little paved ford across the road, but a bit damaged so that we nearly got stuck.

The road was energetically pushing and pulling us back and forth over the Carron, showing us ruined houses, stone bridges and intriguing lumps and bumps. Loads to come back and have a look at.

As we passed through Fankerton, Mr Jenn spotted a large house on the right hand side of the road, sitting alone in the middle of a building site. It was a gorgeous building – reminded me a wee bit of an old railway hotel – so why was it standing all by itself?