A gorgeous day crying out for a walk, so dragged the family out to Calderglen and wandered up to Flatt Bridge, part of the Calderglen-Langlands Trail.

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Calderglen Country Park comprises the old estates of Torrance and Calderwood Castle, and while  I love walking through Calderglen, it’s always been a minor annoyance that the history of the park is a minor aside to its natural offerings. EK has never been inclined to save its past if it can get a nice shiny new future – which of course, doesn’t turn out to be so shiny after a couple of years – but in an online age, it would be so easy to share more of the history of the estate. Guess it’s down to the amateurs.

So here’s the first bit of Calderglen history. You can clearly see the old farming rigs on Torrance Golf Course if the sun is right. Must make the roll of the ball quite interesting.

Flatt Bridge was built in the early 19th century, and carried the Strathaven Road until New Flatt Bridge was built. The old bit of the road is still there, complete with the old chevron signs warning of the sharp bend leading down to the bridge,  although the grass is starting to peek through the tarmac. It looked absolutely spectacular in the snow.

It’s just a shame that there’s not an easy route from Calderglen up onto the bridge, because there are great views. [Photos to follow]