The old road along which Queen Mary passed on her way from Hamilton Palace to Cathcart Castle, on the day previous to the battle of Langside, intersects the property [Milheugh House], and there is a beautiful spring of water in an adjoining glen still known by the name of Queen Mary’s Well, at which that unfortunate lady is said to have rested.

Old country houses of old Glasgow gentry

I love that so many older books are being published freely online. This is a favourite for flicking through, but I’d never spotted this paragraph before.

I had a look for a possible old road on Google and Bing maps, but nothing jumped out at me.

Scotland’s Places does mention its existence, and offers a location map, and font of all Blantyre knowledge, my dad, reckons that it’s marked by or close to pools of water where waterlilies grow.

Plus if she did pass this way, how would her train have crossed the Rotten Calder? I’ll need to check for the nearest bridges and fording places.